Monday, August 4, 2014

Federal Defense for Drug Trafficking & Witness Protection

When being investigated for federal drug trafficking or being interrogated for involvement with ties to a trafficking conspiracy or associated criminal organization you may be thinking of becoming a criminal confidential informant. Lawyers know the different legal protections available and offered will depend much on the strength of evidence and information provided to law enforcement.

Whether or not you qualify for the witness protection program will depend on many factors such as:
  • Proximity to crime
  • Witness to crime
  • Quality of information provided as hearsay
It is said that becoming a criminal informant is akin to signing a death warrant. There are risks involved in cooperating with the government in exchange for a much lesser sentence. Some of the best lawyers working in federal defense are even able to get the criminal informant probation or complete dismissal of charges. Before making a recommendation, a lawyer needs to evaluate the strength of your case, evidence to be offered to the government against what they already have, their position, and the other defendant's position.

There are many forms of cooperation; witness protection in the form of a changed identity and displaced to another part of the country is rare and generally offered in only extreme cases. Federal drug traffickers and their associates are usually very dangerous and have been known to react violently to a "snitch," even killing off family members. In many cases, especially when not represented by a lawyer, protecting a witness only means that law enforcement will come down hard on the person(s) making criminal threat on the informant putting you and loved ones at a serious risk.

Before considering becoming a confidential informant it is best to speak to a criminal lawyer with federal defense expertise in drug trafficking and organized crime cases. A lawyer can ascertain law enforcement keeps any promises made to you, and you will be protected to the fullest extent of the law. A lawyer can explain the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a confidential informant for an investigation or trial of a federal drug trafficking conspiracy case.

If you are being investigated in a federal drug trafficking case, talk to our lawyers now and call 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761).

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