Monday, February 25, 2013

Criminal Lawyers for a Felony or Federal Case

When choosing a criminal lawyer for a felony or federal case there are many things to consider. A felony or federal case involves serious charges and severe penalities, especially if you have a previous felony or long criminal history on your record.

You want to be sure you are represented by an experienced criminal lawyer with a history of successful results posted on their website. Note that referral services do not post their successful results or lawyers on their website. Many referral services look like lawyer websites. A referral service is a website that simply collects your personal information when you call them or via an online email submission and then sells your information to another lawyer. A referral service will not post their case results or lawyers' names on their website.

A real law firm will have pages on their website showcasing their attorneys and case results. Also, a team of criminal lawyers pooling their knowledge, expertise and skills are exponentially better than one lawyer working alone. As the old adage goes, "many heads are better than one."

Cut out the middle man referrer, who may inflate prices, go to a real criminal lawyers website and call them directly to be sure you are paying the price set by the law firm.

Best criminal lawyers have:
  • Winning Criminal Lawyers
  • Criminal Law Specialists
  • Experts
  • Unlimited resources
  • Will aggressively defend you
Visit the website of LibertyBell Law Group, a law firm composed of a team of award-winning top lawyers. If you are being investigated or accused or a felony or federal offense, call  855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761).