Thursday, September 18, 2014

Drugs Minus Two or Amendment 782 Retroactive Sentencing Reduction

Very recently, the U.S. Sentencing Commission created Amendment 782, a.k.a. "Drugs Minus Two," to reduce the guidelines for all controlled substances (drug offenses), by two levels. This amendment will affect all drug offenses except base levels 38 and 6, which are the very maximum and minimum federal drug offense quantities respectively. If Congress does not overrule the amendment, it will go into effect November 1, 2014. There is general consensus that Congress is in favor of it.

Even though the "Drugs Minus Two" retroactivity is expected to go in effect on November 1, 2014, no prisoners will be released before November 1, 2015. The U.S. Sentencing Commission estimates that over 46,000 prisoners are eligible for retroactive reduction in sentences for drug offenses.

In order for a prisoner to be considered eligible for "Drugs  Minus Two" and get a sentence reduction, a judge must carefully examine each prisoner's case and conduct in prison. A judge will only consider if a prisoner is eligible for a "Drugs Minus Two" retroactive sentence reduction if a motion is filed by the prisoner's lawyer.

It is important to note that courts will evaluate and prioritize cases based on the current release date of the prisoners. In other words, the quantity of drugs or other mitigating factors will not be considered in who's case will be combed through first. The release date is of the upmost importance because the government would like to release prisoners affected by Amendment 782 and get them started  on community reentry programs as soon as possible. Community reentry services are  required to assure the success of the persons released back into society so they can get necessary support services and a new start on life.

If you are a prisoner or have a loved one sentenced for a federal drug offense and would like a "Drugs Minus Two" sentence reduction approved by a judge, speak to a lawyer now and call 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761).

LibertyBell Law Group's lawyers are experienced in successful post-conviction motions and related matters. Simply put, our lawyers know what judges want to see and in what manner they want it presented, which is also very important. Know that having a top lawyer gather the necessary paperwork that is only available and released to board certified lawyers and who has the experience necessary to present you to the judge in the best manner makes all the difference in the world in getting an Amendment 782 retroactive sentence reduction and consequently being released early from prison.

In order to be considered for "Drugs Minus Two" retroactive sentencing as early as possible it is imperative to hire a lawyer immediately so that the motion can be filed on the very first day that Amendment 782 goes into effect, which is November 1, 2014. Hiring a lawyer immediately is important because the lawyer needs to conduct an investigation, get paperwork from the Bureau of Prisons, and write a successful motion which takes time. Keep in mind that getting paperwork from government agencies is time consuming, and it can be hard-pressed getting paperwork from the Bureau of Prisons. You need the most aggressive attorneys, such as the lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group, to get a winning sentence reduction done as soon as possible.