Thursday, December 5, 2013

How Criminal Lawyers Discredit Witness Testimony

Criminal lawyers experienced in trials use many methods of discrediting witness testimony, whether it is given by an expert or lay person. Usually, this is done by the criminal lawyers during direct examination.

Even though direct examination of witnesses occurs during trial, criminal lawyers will investigate and question witnesses before trial and even before pre-file for several reasons. One reason is the lawyers may want to gauge the witness's personality, demeanor, communication style and more.

Another reason may be to see how much information or evidence the witness is aware of and how much knowledge they are willing to share with the lawyers, knowing that witnesses may not initially tell everything they know about the crime or surrounding circumstances. Criminal lawyers may also want to see how honest a witness is by comparing current statements to previous statements, whether written, verbal, or taped, and comparing statements to evidence. Know that top lawyers conduct their own investigations to gather evidence and witness testimonies beneficial to the client.

There are many reasons why and when a lawyer may want to question a witness but most depend on the unique facets of the case.


Videotaped Testimony of Witnesses

Lawyers may use videotaped testimony if they believe the adverse witness would perform poorly under those circumstances, such as a witness who is likely to display negative characteristics. Witnesses who are argumentative or appear uncertain, wavering or nervous in a video tend to have these characteristics emphasized in this type of format which makes the jury less likely to believe the witness.

Trial Tactics used by Criminal Lawyers

Complex and federal cases or cases involving hearsay are inclined to have more witness testimony and thus are also more inclined to proceed though trial. There are many tactics attorneys will use during criminal trial proceedings. When criminal lawyers question the prosecutor's witnesses it is referred to as cross-examination. During cross-examination, top lawyers will show that the witness should not be given the authority of reliable testimony.

Criminal lawyers may use either harsh, nice, or a mixed style to confuse and discredit the witness, gain leverage, and or influence the jury. The best lawyers plan ahead but are also able to make split-second decisions on changing their line of questioning or style by reading the present reactions from the jury and the witness. This level of expertise comes innately to LibertyBell Law Group's lawyers but it is also gained from having worked on countless trials in state and federal courts across the nation. The lawyers from our criminal defense law firm have worked on numerous trials with all sorts of lay and expert witnesses and in all types of cases.

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