Thursday, June 20, 2013

Criminal Lawyer Defense Strategy

A criminal lawyer must build a defense strategy for a client based on facts, though different versions of what happened can exist based on the same facts. In other words, a prosecutor and a criminal lawyer will represent their side of the story based on the same facts. In the criminal justice system, the facts are what can be referred to as evidence. Part of the defense strategy criminal lawyers may use is arguing over what is valid evidence, if the evidence was handled appropriately, and if the evidence was collected legally.

The best criminal lawyers will have a defense strategy using the facts but painting a different picture of what happened and showing the defendant in the best light. Criminal lawyers know that many times the people involved in a crime will have a different version of what happened based on their own perspective and experience. The best criminal lawyers work with a team of lawyers, investigators, experts and also know how to interview witnesses to the client's benefit. Knowing the reputation of the investigators and policeman involved and having the experience to have worked with them and the judge before is also an advantage. Criminal lawyers having a reputation for being leaders in criminal defense is also a great advantage that cannot be underestimated.

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